Meet Our Team

At Pink Hammer Home, we believe that we have the BEST team to support our mission of being the trusted resource for all of your home repairs, maintenance and renovations.  Read on to find out more about each of them and how our team can help you take care of your home improvements.

Bill Holm
Craftsman/Lead Carpenter/Remodeler
Bill is our lead carpenter. He is happiest and most skilled working on decks, kitchen remodels, trim carpentry and doors. He has been working as a carpenter/remodeler for over 30 years. Bill has lived in our area for his entire life, growing up in Long Valley. He loves the outdoors and can be found walking or camping when he is not working or spending time with his 3 grandchildren.
Larry Stimpson
Craftsman/Handyman/Plumbing Work
Larry is a great general handyman. Like many good handymen, he is a great trouble-shooter and is adept in so many areas of home improvement. He especially excels at small plumbing repairs and loves to work on demolition. If you ask Larry how he spends his free time, it sounds much more like work, but he enjoys working on his own woodworking projects at home, helping out on a friend's farm and taking care of maintenance around his dad's house.
Mark Wood
Craftsman/Remodeler/Tile Work
Mark is a local guy who lives in Rockaway. He has been in construction forever and a day, and he makes finishing complicated remodels look as easy as tying a shoelace. His favorite part of work is tiling- he loves to layout out the patterns and the precision of the even cuts is his specialty. Mark loves to spend time with his grandchildren and he is also a professional percussionist and the owner of WoodNDrums. Mark can also be found as a handyman for Girl Scouts of America- he helps maintain their summer camps to keep them safe for the visiting scouts. We are so happy Mark is on our team and he’s really great with our contractor assistance and helpers- sharing his skills and teaching the trade.
Paige Newsom
Paige is our resident painter, power washer, assembler, and general handyman (including a specialty in minor electrical work). He has worked in the home improvement industry for more than 25 years. Originally from Oklahoma, Paige has a great accent, a friendly approach and a great sense of humor. When Paige isn't working at Pink Hammer, he can be found on local golf courses, mountain biking or spending time with family.
Judith Fiore
Office Manger/Customer Service
Judy is usually the first point of contact for most customers at Pink Hammer Home Services. She has worked within home improvement for more than 20 years and is incredibly knowledgeable about all things home related. Judy is so fun and easy to talk to and truly cares about helping customers; she regularly teaches callers how to fix their small repairs. Not only does Judy work well with Pink Hammer's customers, she also keeps the team on point by making sure they know where they need go and what they need to do, ensuring that she has asked all the right questions about the job, and making sure materials arrive when they are supposed to. When Judy isn't working, she adores spending time with her large family and her pets. She also spends a good deal of time tinkering around her home (on creative projects) and in the garden.
America Carlough
Marketing Specialist/Business Development
America is our marketing guru and excels at finding work opportunities for our team of craftsmen. Whether it be from her extensive network of friends and colleagues or her creative approach to social media marketing, she is always finding ways to attract new business. She is extremely dedicated to connecting homeowners to Pink Hammer Home because she believes in the value we can bring to them. In fact, America practices what she preaches by bringing our handymen into her own home for most of her home projects. When America is not promoting Pink Hammer Home, she can be found hanging out with friends and family and helping out with Rockaway Girl Scouts, Project Kind and many other local charities.
Jen Hillegass
Founder/Projects & Design
Jen is the founder of Pink Hammer and specializes in project management, customer service and planning/design. Her goal is to ensure that Pink Hammer Home is more than just a handyman and remodeling service ; she demands that craftsmen are not only skilled in performing the work, but they are also reliable, respectful, and neat. Jen handles all the design consultations for remodel projects and acts as the project manager on these renovations. She makes the process easy by guiding clients through every step of their remodel. When Jen is not working, she can be found spending time with her family (usually watching one of her kids activities) and friends or volunteering with the Denville Rotary or Rockaway Girl Scouts.

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