Deck and Porch Staining and Painting

Pink Hammer Home Services has expert carpenters and deck refinishers to handle all of your deck repair needs.

Staining or painting your deck is critical to preserve its beauty, functionality and longevity. Your deck is constantly exposed to sun, water, and pollutants that can cause expensive damage to it. Plus, it just looks better with a fresh coat of stain or paint. 

Deck staining services in Northern New Jersey
Deck painting services in Morris Plains NJ

Deck and Porch Staining and Painting

Although staining or painting a deck or porch is a fairly easy project, like many things, the difference is in the preparation.

Our experienced craftsmen will take all the necessary steps to properly get your porch or deck ready for the paint or stain application. 

We use quality paints and stains for all projects to ensure your deck or porch is properly sealed and to achieve the color results you are looking for. 

Finally, we take great care to keep paint and stain only to those areas that need it and to protect landscaping around your deck and porch.

What your neighbors have said about Pink Hammer’s deck and porch staining/painting services…

“My porch railings look like new! Thank you, Pink Hammer for such a great job.”

– Julie, Livingston

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