Pink Hammer Home Services provides expert home repair and maintenance services to clients in Morris, Essex & Sussex Counties, NJ

Welcome to the Pink Hammer Home Services blog.  We created this blog to help you take better care of your home.  I know that sounds a little funny, but we are truly passionate about taking care of homes.  Your home is one of the largest investments you will ever own, and it is even one of your basic needs as a human (along with food, water and clothing).

Unfortunately, sometimes home ownership can be frustrating, expensive and overwhelming, especially when it comes to maintaining, repairing, or renovating your home.  We get it; we’re homeowners, too and we’ve had our fair share of home ownership challenges.

That’s where we aim to help, though.   We are experts in home repairs, maintenance and renovations.  Our team of craftsmen have an average of 25 years’ experience as handymen, carpenters, tilers, painters, and more.  Plus, as a company, we complete over 700 home repair, maintenance and remodel projects every single year.  This gives us insight into the many things that can go wrong, how to prevent them, and how to address them.

handyman installing trim
handyman power washing deck
kitchen remodel

Now you may be thinking…”there are countless blogs, YouTube videos, tutorials, etc. on home repairs and improvements” and you are right.  But this blog is a little different.  We don’t intend to provide detailed how-to’s or have this be another DIY resource for homeowners.  Nor is this a site where you can collect all the pretty project ideas in one location.  Finally, this isn’t a site where we make money matching you to licensed contractors.  Well, we are the licensed contractor, but that’s not what this is about.

In our blog, we will share practical tips from our experienced craftsmen that will help you take care of your home maintenance and repairs.  Sometimes that might involve some DIY work, which you will always have some of, as a homeowner.  In other cases, we will tell you about projects or problems that require a professional handyman or remodeler (or at least someone experienced) and then how to make sure you get a good value when hiring someone.

We’ll also talk about what’s trending in home décor, what home projects will NEVER pay for themselves, how to get good return on investment for your home renovations, and how to keep up on home maintenance so repairs are less costly.    We’ll try to share some interesting stories (from our own experiences) plus things we’ve seen in homes that will  make you go ‘hmm’, unique project ideas that have a big impact, products that make home maintenance and repairs easier and less expensive, and of course, tips from the pros.

So, stay tuned for lots of great information, tips, ideas and more.  In the meantime, check out our site and especially check out photos of our work.