Brand new accent wall mount installation in Dover, New Jersey

The holiday season is here. Does your home need a holiday facelift before the guests arrive? Even if you’re planning to play it safe and keep your holiday revelers to a minimum, you may feel more holiday cheery if you fix up those halls before decking them with boughs of holly.

Pink Hammer can help. We offer a full menu of home repair services and our highly skilled handyman craftsmen can handle whatever sprucing up your home may need to get you ready for the holidays. We’ve got you covered inside and out.

Consider these areas that might need handyman home repair attention before you start laying out the decorations:

Walls – Our walls have gone through a lot in the last eight months. We’ve never been home as much as we have been lately and our walls may show the added wear and tear. Pink Hammer handyman craftsmen can repair damaged dry walls, repairing dents and holes in the sheet rock, and repaint walls or entire rooms and entryways.

Blinds and Drapes – Perhaps you’ve grown a little tired of the same blinds that have been hanging in your home for years. They’re a pain to clean and hanging new ones is not easy. Allow us to take care of this so you can focus on holiday decorating – that’s much more fun. And while we’re there, you might like to hang your winter drapes or switch out some of your artwork for the holidays or introduce new pieces. We can help there, as well.

Kitchen and Bathroom – High-traffic areas get a lot of attention during the holidays. Don’t we all like to congregate in the kitchen, where it’s warm and smells good? Our craftsmen can tighten cabinet doors and replace old fixtures with new ones. We can make toilet and shower repairs and fix or replace tiles and grout.

Tired of your kitchen or bathroom altogether? Our handyman services include kitchen remodeling services and bathroom remodeling services that entail either full or partial remodeling, according to your budget, taste and schedule.

Floors – Don’t forget your floors. No matter how beautifully you decorate your home, if your floors are drab or look not well maintained, it can make the whole environment feel less cheery. Our flooring repair and installation services include repairing, patching and replacing or new installation.

General – Complete your inside holiday home repairs by having our handyman craftsmen replace old doorknobs and lighting and venting fixtures. They’ll glimmer like tinsel on the tree. We also can spruce up your molding, from baseboard to wainscoting and everything in between.

Christmas Trees – Let us assemble your tree. You go make the egg nog and put on the Christmas tunes.

Outside – Don’t forget your outside. Before you hang your lights, garlands and ribbons, allow us to inspect and repair any issues that might detract from your display’s beauty. Our handyman craftsman can address a wide array of issues needing home repair, including: brick molding, fascia, siding, soffits, gutters and sills; wood rot; fences; and mailboxes.

Our handyman craftsmen are Pink Hammer employees, wear identifying Pink Hammer shirts for your security and adhere to all coronavirus precautions, including facial masks and social distancing. We confirm our appointments the night before and when we are on our way.

You and your spouse are busy with work and family. Free yourself to really enjoy the holiday season by allowing us to worry about your home repair needs as you prepare to deck the halls with boughs of holly!