deck repairs being done by skilled carpenter at Pink Hammer Home

It is still cold outside but this winter’s mild weather has me already thinking about spending time outside on my deck.  The mild weather has been a little easier on deck surfaces compared to previous years, but there’s plenty to do before Spring to get my deck ready for enjoying all season.  If you are already dreaming on enjoying your deck, too, read on to find out how you can get a jump start on taking care of your deck repairs.

Rotted wood deck framing repair services in Morris county, New Jersey

The first thing you should do is perform a thorough evaluation of your deck to identify any deck repairs that may be needed.

Need help evaluating your deck repairs for Spring?  Let Pink Hammer Home’s skilled deck repair team handle it for you.

  • Start with your deck’s surface.  Make a note of rotten deck boards, loose decking, warping, splintered wood, broken deck nails, missing deck stain or paint and of course, dirt and grime.
  • Next check out the deck stairs.  Identify any deck posts that may be rotted, loose deck steps, and again areas needing power washing.
  • Step three is the deck railings.  You may find things such as loose railings, broken or missing ballusters, splintered wood, wood rot, and more missing deck stain or paint.
  • Another area you should check out is your deck’s framing.  This may be a little harder for a DIY’er, but there are some items most homeowners can easily identify – look for wood rot, brackets or hardware that is loose, and signs of pest damage (termites and carpenter ants).  A thorough evaluation of your deck’s can be done by a licensed home inspector and skilled carpenters, like those at Pink Hammer Home Services can provide peace of mind by evaluating your deck’s framing.
  • Finally, check out your deck’s decorative add-ons; inspect lattice around the deck, built-in deck seating and any other areas that are part of your deck.

Once you have your list of deck repairs, you can prioritize your list.  OR, just contact Pink Hammer Home Services so we can take care of all your deck repairs.

Hand tools for fixing old Deck
Horizontal photo of old hammer and pry bar next to rotting wood on cedar wooden deck
  • The most important deck repair items to tackle first would safety related problems – things like loose railings, nails sticking out, and loose deck boards.
  • Next would be items that will cost you more money later if you don’t take care of them.  Deck repairs that will ALWAYS cost you more later include any deck framing issues, wood rot, such as rotted deck boards, rotted deck posts, and rotted deck framing.  If ignored, most rotted wood repair issues will get worse and can turn into safety problems.
  • Last, but certainly not least you should take care of regular deck maintenance, including power washing your deck, sealing, staining or painting your deck boards, deck stairs, and deck railings.

Whichever part of your spring deck maintenance you need help with, Pink Hammer Home Services is here for you.  Give us a call to have our skilled carpenters evaluate your deck repair needs and get your deck ready for Spring.